Monday, September 28, 2009


Well the boys are back to school and it has been a busy month. I went to a weekend crop with some friends and completed another 30 pages bringing Vincent's book up to date. I then worked on a few projects that next friday night with another friend.

We poured a concrete countertop in our kitchen. We have a few issues with it, but I am hoping they all work out ok. Vincent seems to have the most confidence in the project. We worked hard on the pour and now it is a wait and see game. I wanted to follow with doing one in my bathroom but I am not sure now. My hope is to have a kitchen back by the end of October. I am getting tired of quick meals on the grill.

There is a lot going on at work making it stressful and hard to concentrate at times. I am not hitting my crafts enough at home to relax. Working space it tight right now.

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