Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19th

Hi all today is April 19th the openning day here for fishing. Well I spent 4 hrs with two of my boys fishing this am. They really enjoyed themselves and were real excited as they got hits on their polls. Earlier this week I took the boys to the Bronx zoo of which none of us were thrilled. I had also taken them to Mystic seaport there in Connecticut of which they liked and want to go back to again. They spent the rest of the week with their aunt of which they really enjoy doing.
I have not been around much do to work, but I think that will change now. Last weekend I spent most of the weekend working on the gardens to get them ready to mulch. What a job but the outcome is worth it.
I will be posting more work hopefully tomorrow. I have been able to do a few new techniques and I really like their outcome. Pat on SSSD is running this monthly swap and it is alot of fun. I want to get caugth up on my weekly "Deck of me" and also work on making more pages of the current books that I am working on. Scrapping has pretty much taken a back door to work and life since I came back from Florida. I have been just to tired to do it.