Saturday, February 16, 2008

From Sunny Florida

I am writing from Sunny Florida. I have been so busy since I last wrote, my middle son has crossed over to boy scouts and is enjoying it. It took me all last weekend to get his uniform changed from cub scouts to boy scouts. He has had his first meeting an it seems to have gone well. We head to NH in the begining of March and we go to a freeze out next weekend.
In addition this past week I had a cub scout meeting, finished up and mailed all the swaps that are due in Feb., I made scrapbooking kits to take on vacation, and worked late a few nights to get everything set at work for while I was gone.
We landed in Florida last night after spending the whole day between airports and plane rides. Today the boys enjoyed the pool and I took out one of my scrapbooking kits to find that I brought and empty adhesive container. Ugh. Well that means I just needs to find a scrapbooking store here in Orlando. Not so bad after all. I am a bit behind on my "deck of me" but I brought my book of the month calender and I hope to journal in it everyday.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crazy Time

Well I cannot believe how time has flown. Work as been completely nuts and I have been everywhere from stessed to depressed. I had to go to Mass. for work on Thursday to see a new system. It is peach but I am not sure I am ready to be the project manager on it. I was able to do 28 out of 31 layouts for LOAD. It was a great class I just hit three days at the end that I wanted nothing to do with scrapping. I am thankfully out of that slump now.

As far as "Deck of Me" I am one week behind but I hope to be caught up tomorrow. I will post pictures then also. I was able to scrap a few hrs today and I made some ATC's for a swap, finished my "Family and Me" swap layouts except for journalling, I did week 4 in "Deck of Me" and I got a family layout done. I hope to spend tomorrow scrapping and getting a circle journal and some other swaps done. I like doing swaps as I can get alot of ideas and I also can use some as embellishments on my pages.

Today was beautiful outside for a winter day in the North East. I even cooked lunch out on the grill. I think my husband thought I was nuts. It was almost warm enough for a light jacket. Spring couldn't come soon enough. Yesterday we had a couple of inches of rain. I am glad it was not snow.

Well it is time for bed. I hope everyone has a happy scrappy weekend. Enjoy the superbowl.